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“Dismissal” displays extracts that are refused by the heterosexual male totalitarian matrix and dismisses a patriarchal system that divides sexes in support of the male heterosexual needs. The audience observes imageries that dismiss a binary system by intentionally blurring a masculine predominant territory through social activism aesthetics in response to assumptions. The performance critiques a Cultural and Artistic heterosexual male agenda that dismisses Feminist and Queer Art. That said, “Dismissal” reinforces ideas of genderqueer and genderfuck.

Length of the Performance  | n/a
Max. Audience | n/a
Intended to | general audience (+18)


concept, performer | Filip Canha
music | Duarte Cardoso, Sonny Lester & His Orchestra
hair | Darren Darren O’Donoghue
photography | Manel Ortega
special thanks | Chrissy Kelly, Emma Fielden, Maeve Devine, Anajara Anajara Amarante, Raquel Freire


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