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Gisberta, Transgendering & Transcending [Studies]

The patterns of behaviour and the relationship in correlation with each other (us) are not having its advancement owing to the fact that, ever since the beginning of time, society has been shaping and controlling the behaviour of individuals. Having said that, discrimination has been continuously a society’s backbone, so social structures duplicate it and so do binary systems. As affirmed by Foucault (Maurice Berger, Brian Wallis, Simon Watson, 1995, “Constructing Masculinity”, Routledge, p. 5.), identity is not a stabilised characteristic but rather ruptures and alters.

In DSM (the American Diagnostic Statistical Mental Health Manual) can be found a list that considers transgender as a margin stating that body transformation is not seen as a natural fact. Transgenders are noticed as gender dysphoric. Our “Democratic” world does not have an anti- discrimination law towards transsexual or transgender people and they are definitely regarded as a very good thing to hunt for. Gisberta Junior was found dead on the 22th of February 2006 in an unfinished building in Porto, Portugal. The crime was confessed by a group of 14 boys, between 10 and 16 years old.

The performance has been created upon a solid investigation on transgenderism, DSM and other norms that subjugate the body to power and methods of supervision in order to control a specific behaviour.

Length of the Performance  | 40min
Max. Audience | 70 people
Intended to | general audience (+18)


concept,  performance, video, scenography | Filip Canha

multimedia | Rodrigo Couto
costume designer | Ângela St. Martin
photographer | Roman Perona
executive production | s a l a b r a n c a
materials assistanced | Ângela St. Martin, NEC
thanks to | Deidré Mattheé (Psychologist); Guerrilla Travolaka; Jó Bernardo (Transgender | Activist); Miguel Missé (Transgender | Activist – Guerrilla Travolaka); Nuno Carneiro (Psychologist); Panteras Rosa; Sérgio Vitorino (Panteras Rosa Founder in Portugal)
direction assistant | Duarte Cardoso
sound | Duarte Cardoso

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