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The governmental indifference towards HIV/AIDS awareness, the continuous discrimination towards HIV patients from GP’s and dentists and the dishonest manipulations (according to capitalism) from pharmaceutical companies, led me to a solid investigation on HIV/AIDS. In this investigation process I have come to understand that the information given in leaflets and the data written on physicians University Power Point’s discord. This performance is my impossibility to understand the “as compact as possible” information and/or the incorrect information. It is an impossibility to comprehend the expression “the curiosity about HIV comes if I would have someone living with it next to me”. Nonetheless, is an impossibility to comprehend the impossibility to take in.

The performance has been created upon a solid investigation on HIV and Aids, people living with HIV, people not living with HIV, Doctors and Nurses from Brighton’s Elton John Centre and medical/pharmacist academic books dated from 2009/10.

Length of the performance | 40min
Max. Audience | 70 people
Intended to | general audience (+18)

concept, performance, video, scenography | Filip Canha

music | Duarte Cardoso, Henry Purcel

guitar | Giacomo Natali
multimedia | António MV
hair | Darren O’Donoghue
photographer | Kam Bekasiewicz

thanks to | Brighton’s Elton John Centre, All Participants, M97-1276, M911565 and specially to M00-0364

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