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The other selves – Prostitutes, “transvestites” and a Lesbian

The photography series “The other selves – Prostitutes, “Transvestites” and a Lesbian” will be part of a performance piece upcoming in 2014 that was based on a series of recreations of real mug shots on arrested prostitutes, “transvestites” and a Lesbian. Furthermore, this research started with readings on “”Queer by choice, lesbians, gay and the politics of identity“ by Vera Whisman and a protest sign that stated, “I can’t believe we are still protesting this shit”.

It is to state that the constant discrimination towards women, prostitutes, lesbians, trans people, transvestites, homosexuals etc. are detectable in 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s and currently. In Russia, for example, we can clearly see a repression on women (Pussy Riot members) and also homosexual propaganda. Regarding transgenders, drag queens, homosexuals, transvestites; we could perceive a distinct categorisation of this masses into homosexuals and Transvestites in the past and a massive confusion in the present from police and media, which is a clear lack of information and prejudice. As an example, when watching the news or a police spokes person addresses trans people, mentioning transphobia is never the case, but yet homophobia. And on Repeat: “I can’t believe we are still protesting this shit”. Filip did an homage to these women by recreating their mugshots.

Size | 59.4 x 84.1cm
Pictures | 9
Prints p/ portrait | 5  (Go to contact to purchase the photography)


concept, make-up, performer | Filip Canha
hair | Darren O’Donoghue
wardrobe | Raki Fernandez
assistance | Amy Owen
multimedia | António MV

Special thanks | Renata Har
Sponsorship | rent one * photo support


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