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Toilet Zone

Technology and science have globally evolved in significant ways over the years and yet there has been minimal evolution in today’s human way of thinking. Sexual censorship is just one of the elements that demonstrates the “transgression” of the human mind and remains evidently in today’s society. It is still considered inappropriate and unacceptable to discuss sex in public context or merely give thought to it even though it is understood that it is a phenomena existent to womankind/mankind—a natural thought and a biological need that manifests into a psychological state of fantasy. The performance entitled Toilet Zone was censured by several institutions in Portugal because it would reflect these ideas and would directly confront the viewer with scenes of sexual fetishism – a concept that remains taboo, a rejection among today’s society. The performance would exhibit what is an integral part of the human existence that is not concealed nor misled by set cultural ideologies, religion, the media and even art. However, the video installation and the creative process video remain.

Length of performance | 1h

Max. Audience | not applicable  (do note that this piece has not been finished as a consequence of censorship)

Intended to | general audience (+18)


concept, video | Filip Canha

performers | Filip Canha, Sofia Bernardo

sound | Duarte Cardoso

light design | Verginia Esteves

costume design | Daniel Cardoso

graphic design | www.renatoseixas.com

Thank you to Daniel Cardoso, Duarte Cardoso, Renato Seixas, Sofia Bernardo and Verginia Esteves  that believed in this project and accepted to be involved.

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