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you must be awfully secure in your masculinity!

The performance piece was based on Eve Ksofsky Sedgwick essay in the book “Constructing Masculinity” by Maurice Berger, Brian Wallis and Simon Watson. “You must be awfully secure in your masculinity!” is a performance where the processes of preconceived feminine actions are being performed on my preconceived masculine body. Moreover, preconceived masculinity’s are vanished and replaced by common non-labelled performative actions. It is to sate that there is a need to evolve beyond sexual classifications assuming that a preconceived feminine gesture can be performed in a preconceived masculine body. Furthermore, the performance emerges from the video installation, “You must be awfully secure in your masculinity!” and the live art performance “Passivity”.

Length of the Performance  | 40min (depending on audience’s response to participation)
Max. Audience | 70 people
Intended to | general audience (+18)

concept , performance , video  | Filip Canha
music | Henry Purcell, Lio, Bogdana Karadocheva
multimedia | António MV
hair | Darren O’Donoghue
videographer | Rocío Chacón
technicians and presented by | Exotica Loom
venue | School of Fringe! @ The Old Cardinal Pole Catholic School

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