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photo | Laura Fusato

Canha has graduated from Goldsmiths University of London with a PGCert in the Management of Learning & Teaching in Higher Education and is now a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy. Filip has finished their MA studies in Visual Language of Performance at the University of the Arts London in 2010 where they have examined a range of visual, performance and design concepts such as performative installation, digital technology and the performance body, semiotics and visual culture, as well as the inter-relationship of space and spectator. Moreover, Filip has attended exchange studies in Choreography and Composition at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada; and they have completed my BA in Performance and Composition at Akademi for Scenekunst in Norway in 2007 where Canha has combined skills, knowledge and methods of conceptual visual art and techniques and methods of contemporary performance practices.

Canha’s most artistic noticeable works are: “Dismissal” Performance from 2015 (Performed for Judith Butler); “The other selves – Transvestites, Prostitutes and a Lesbian” Performance in Photography from 2013; “…you must be awfully secure in your masculinity” a Performance from 2013; “M00-0364” Performance from 2010; “M00-0364 I Interviews”, Video Art dating 2010; “Passivity” a Live Art Performance dating 2009; “Gisberta, Transgendering & Transcending [Studies]”, a Performance from 2008; “radioactive feels” a Live Art Performance from 2008; “Mr Eggman” a performance dating 2007; “none metalayer”, a Performance from 2007; “… anonymously, women.” a Performance dating 2007 and “The words, the truthful words are mute.” a Performance from 2006. The latter artistic works have been performed in the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal.

Canha’s objectives in performance production have been grounded in fracturing and provoking social preconceptions; my continued interest in questioning discrimination within social structures and democracy, coupled with Filip’s understanding of theatre studies, has made Filip commence a series of transdisciplinary investigations within the mediums of performance, live art, video, documentary film, photography, movement and text. Canha’s research interests come from a solid research that is concentrated on a theoretical and analytical discussion (which emphases on political art, socially engaged arts, sexuality, gender and identity) and documented through live art, transdisciplinary performance or video art using documentary sources.

Filip’s practical and theoretical research interests are the following fields: composition within performance art/performing arts, live art and transdisciplinary performance; any aspect of social and political performance – but in particular performance studies and queer performance, feminist studies in performance, political art within sexuality, gender and identity. I look at queer and feminist performance aesthetics and theory; composition for performance, trandisciplinary performance; performative approaches to action/protest in performance; relationship between difficulty and emotion in performance art by treating emotion as an artist’s medium; technology and/in performance; transgenderism and performative notions of anti-preconceived norms of masculinity and femininity. Filip is gender non-conformist and has consequently been exploring notions of genderqueer, non-binary and genderfuck.

Canha’s work has also been receiving significant critical attention for other scholars:

• Fonseca R. P. (2013) Conditions of Production and practices of reception of feminist art. Spain, Barcelona: Faculdad de Bellas Artes Universidad del Pais Vasco/EHU.

• Feminist Studies Magazine (2014) Feminist Studies. Brazil: Centre for Philosophy and Humanities and Center for Communication and Expression, Federal University of Santa Catarina.

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