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Political Consciousness | Workshop

Knife, repeat knife, I write knife through the body, I draw knife in the night chest. I detach myself from the oxidant juice from the other knife.

knife = human


By instinct, pain is categorized as a negative aspect of life that we wish to avoid. The human makes an effort to ignore or deny atrocities and pain. The truth is that the human body has an enormous elasticity of endurance. Pain and suffering is in many ways the foundation of our western civilization. In one way or another violence and pain surround us, it is something familiar and a part of our time – the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The need to indulge in our own and in others pain to be able to feel pleasure when pain becomes a booster for our pleasure. The human craves it.

The Workshop was held at Academia Contêmporanea do Espectáculo with the 3rd year students. It must be said that, based on Rainer Werner Fassbinder, was achieved a great performance concerning that the workshop duration was three days.


direction | Filip Canha
direction assistant | Sofia Bernardo
dramaturgy | Filip Canha
text | Rainer Werner Fassbinder
vocal classes | João Castro
performers | António Silva, Eduardo Breda, Fábio Pereira, Georgina Dias, Inês Branco, João Perez, José Miguel Lemos, Liliana, Maria João Rego, Mário Sá, Teresa Queirós
technician | Diana Pimenta
translation | Teresa Queirós
costume designer | Viviana Magalhães
ACE | Academia Contêmporanea do Espectáculo

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