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Live Art | Seminar

The workshop focus on real / not real arguments through actions and personal information given by the performers/participants. They will be given academic articles from writers, artists and philosophers that argument on aesthetics and radical politics. In connection with the essays that will be discussed, the participants will explore practically in how to merge video and objects with given tasks based on identity, censorship, personality development and activism within human rights. The end result of this workshop/seminar varies due to the information and propositions given and explored individually by the performers/participants. The workshop/seminar summarizes with a linkage open performance around an audience where an after discussion will be moderated. The workshop/seminar will not extend 10 applicants and there will be a pre-selection by CV and Artist Statement (different arrangements for Universities).

  • Orientation | Filip Canha
  • Duration | 35 hours in total, 7 hours a day, from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm (different arrangements for Universities)
  • Max. Participants | 10 (different arrangements for Universities)
  • General aim | learning, seminar, academic writers & Video Art within Performance
  • Intended to | Art Professionals (+18)
  • Admission | CV/Resume and Artist Statement (different arrangements for Universities)

How to execute:

  • The relationship with me (body)
  • The relationship with the other (space)
  • The relationship with time (body, space), composition
  • The relationship between me, other and time (I/ego)
  • The relationship with here and now (technology, objects and I/ego)

Used Techniques:

  • V-effect | Verfremdungseffekt
  • In your face – (rupture with 4th wall, The “I political/awareness”)
  • Kinaesthetic reaction, Architecture, Repetition, (relations with space, time and me, now.)
  • Relation with camera and projection – manipulation and use (technology, objects)

direction | Filip Canha
dramaturgy | Filip Canha
performers | Deidré Matthee, Helena Oliveira, Lara Pires
music | Arne Nordheim, Arvo Pärt, George Gershwin
translation | Teresa Queirós
thanks to | Alejandra Pinggera, Ângela Ferreira, Sónia Fernandes

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