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Dissmisal | Performance – Thursday June 18th 2015 – Lisbon, Portugal



@ LUX – Lisbon, Portugal


“Dismissal” displays extracts that are refused by the heterosexual male totalitarian matrix and dismisses a patriarchal system that divides sexes in support of the male heterosexual needs. The audience observes imageries that dismiss a binary system by intentionally blurring a masculine predominant territory through social activism aesthetics in response to assumptions. The performance critiques a Cultural and Artistic heterosexual male agenda that dismisses Feminist and Queer Art. That said, “Dismissal” reinforces ideas of genderqueer and genderfuck.

concept, performer | Filip Canha
music | Duarte Cardoso, Sonny Lester & His Orchestra
hair | Darren Darren O’Donoghue
photography | Manel Ortega
special thanks | Chrissy Kelly, Emma Fielden, Maeve Devine, Anajara Anajara Amarante, Raquel Freire

Anaglyph | A 3D Fashion Show – Saturday July 12th 2014

On Saturday July 12th, Neukölln fashion design, illustration, video art and music unite as “Anaglyph” in the Heimathafen Neukölln.

As part of Berlin Fashion Week, a magical catwalk show will be staged, combining cutting edge 3D technology, tailor-made music composition and contemporary fashion.

Avant-garde fashion design meets skilled seamstress. A cross-cultural fashion event bringing together generations, nationalities and artistic disciplines. Divided into four parts, the artist’s take the spectator on a visual journey through three-dimensional animated scenery, dynamic portraiture, abstract geometrics and inspiring collage.

Audience members will each be issued with a pair of custom-made 3D glasses to alter their “depth of perception”, and to create a new, multi-layered, frame of reference to absorb the outfits which have been designed to maximize the overall effect. 20 unique outfits, hand-crafted using a number of intricate techniques, and thoughtfully soundtracked by
a local musician into four unique sonic landscapes.

“Anaglyph” is a collective of artists who joined forces in 2013, with a firm focus on the creative process, and the possibilities which can be forged through inter-disciplinary collaboration. Equally central is the theme of multi-cultural integration, which has welcomed the support received from the German-Arab Center for Education and Integration in the form of their knowledge employed in the field of hand-craft techniques such as macreme, crochet and beading.

Participating artists:

Cinematography and editing | Marta Figueredo

3D-Artist | Francisco Sanchez de Cañete https://www.behance.net/antsanrom

Clothes | Raki Fernandez http://rakibcn.com/

Illustration and Screen Printing | Ian Liddle http://www.ianliddlework.blogspot.de/

Music | Milo Smee http://powervacuum.net/

Shoes | Alarma Futura http://alarmafutura.com/

Make-up/Crochet artist | Anto Christ http://antochrist.com/

Choreography |  Filip Canha http://filipecanha.com/

Hair and make-up | Velta Berzina http://veltabe.tumblr.com/

Embroidery | Amy Burt http://iwng.tumblr.com/

Photography | Laura Fusato http://laurafusato.com/

Event Date: Saturday July 12th 2014

First Show: 18:30 h (Invitation only)

Second Show: 20:00 h (Open doors)



Saalbau Neukölln Kultur & Veranstaltungs GmbH

Karl-Marx-Str. 141, 12043 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 56 82 13 34

LGBTQ Equality – Collective Exhibition | LONDON, UK |


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30th of May at 7pm

The photography series “The other selves – Prostitutes, “Transvestites” and a Lesbian” @ L1 Gallery, Richard Hoggart Building, Goldsmiths University.

Advanced MA/MFA Choreographing Live Art – Performance Director Filipe Canha [20-25 May 2013]


“Another great artist that will join the MFA:CLA team during the second intensive week, is Filip Canha, who will be directing our show for the “Embracing Failure” module. Filip works currently in Berlin. Their work is an extraordinary amalgamation of radical politics and burlesque show. Filip works on ideas such as post racism, post sexism, post civil rights and post human rights within political Performance Art, Live Art Performance and Video Art.”

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University of Lincoln

Brayford Wharf E, Lincoln, LN6 7TS, United Kingdom

Fringe & Exotica Loom present: You Must Be Awfully Secure in Your Masculinity [13th of April 2013 ]


Inspired by Eve Ksofsky Sedgwick’s essay, “You must be awfully secure in your masculinity!” is the new live art performance piece from Filip Canha’s. The artist explores the processes of preconceived feminine actions – performed on his body – examining a need to evolve beyond sexual classifications. The performance emerges from the artist’s video installation of the same name, and his live art performance Passivity. Followed by a short Q&A session with the artist.

Book tickets here: http://awfullysecure.eventbrite.co.uk/

School of Fringe! @ The Old Cardinal Pole Catholic School, Victoria Park Road, London E9 7HD


VIDEO INSTALLATION | 17th & 18th of December | La Casa Franca, Madrid, Spain [2011]

“Mr. EggMan” [2007]

Edie – ”I’ll always need — want eggs, always and always and always. I do love my little eggies just a little bit better. But I do love you, Mr. eggman.”

in Pink Flamingos by John Walters

Chauvinist men normally operate the world. Women who achieve success in business behave exactly the same, representing conventions and male heteronormative codes. The conventions are broken with the simple Spanish expression “los huevos” which means the eggs but the metaphor is designated as testicles. If you really want to get to the metaphor’s origin then it means balls, nuts, nads.

direction | concept | performer | video

Filip Canha

text | John Walters

music | Athletic Cocktail – DJ/VJ Set

Toilet Zone” [2008]

Technology and science have globally evolved in significant ways over the years and yet there has been minimal evolution in today’s human way of thinking. Sexual censorship is just one of the elements that demonstrates the “transgression” of the human mind and remains evidently in today’s society. It is still considered inappropriate and unacceptable to discuss sex in public context or merely give thought to it even though it is understood that it is a phenomena existent to womankind/mankind—a natural thought and a biological need that manifests into a psychological state of fantasy. The performance entitled Toilet Zone was censured by several institutions in Portugal because it would reflect these ideas and would directly confront the viewer with scenes of sexual fetishism – a concept that remains taboo, a rejection among today’s society. The performance would exhibit what is an integral part of the human existence that is not concealed nor misled by set cultural ideologies, religion, the media and even art. However, the video installation remains.

concept | video

Filip Canha

sound | Duarte Cardoso

M00-0364 | Sep 11th & 13th at 4.30pm | Wimbledon College of Art [2010]

The governmental indifference towards HIV/AIDS awareness, the continuous discrimination towards HIV patients from GP’s and dentists and the dishonest manipulations (according to capitalism) from pharmaceutical companies, led me to a solid investigation on HIV/AIDS. In this investigation process I have come to understand that the information given in leaflets and the data written on physicians University Power Point’s discord. This performance is my impossibility to understand the “as compact as possible” information and/or the incorrect information. It is an impossibility to comprehend the expression “the curiosity about HIV comes if I would have someone living with it next to me”. Nonetheless, is an impossibility to comprehend the impossibility to take in.

The performance has been created upon a solid investigation on HIV and Aids, people living with HIV, people not living with HIV, Doctors and Nurses from Brighton’s Elton John Centre and medical/pharmacist academic books dated from 2009/10.

Duration | 40min
Max. Audience | 70 people
Intended to | general audience (+18)

concept, performance, video, scenography |FILIP CANHA

music | Duarte Cardoso, Henry Purcel
guitar | Giacomo Natali
voice over | Alejandra Pinggera, Duarte Cardoso, Valérie Titli, Victoria Bourke
multimedia | António MV
hair | Darren O’Donoghue
technician | Rory Finn
photographer | Kam Bekasiewicz
thanks to | Brighton’s Elton John Centre, All Participants, M97-1276, M911565 and specially to M00-0364